Crafty October


Not been too brilliant on keeping my blog up to date of late but I have been working on a few exciting projects that are coming up that I will be sharing with you soon!

So its October? When did that happen? Well its Autumn and by far my favourite season! The leaves turn to the most beautiful colours, the nights draw in and the wooly socks and jumpers are out! Not sure whether its because I’m a November birthday (November the 5th I get fireworks every year which I love!) But there is something about getting warm and cosy. Of course it means we all start to think of that word… Christmas, which I’m sure makes us all excited really!

Yes that’s me, drinking tea and kicking leaves πŸ‘ŒπŸ»β˜•οΈπŸπŸ‚

So I thought i’d offer up a round up of what Fantastic Crafty Fox has been up to. Some of you may have noticed over on my Instagram that I have taken part in the #craftyoct photo challenge created by the awesome Amy Panda. I came across this by seeing it on the Merseyside Etsy Teams – whom i’m a proud member of, Instagram page. They have rallied us up to take part and encourage even more crafty makers to join in too!

It’s fun to take part and I have loved browsing the hash tag to see everyone’s take on the challenge! I have also come across some lovely makers too which is always great! So here’s some so far by me…

1. Deskie Β 2. Circle Β 3. New Β 4. Inspiration

Make sure you check it out and click the hash-tag to find some awesome makers!

As its October and Halloween is creeping up on us (excuse the pun) I have decided to make some fun wooly garlands! They are now available on my Etsy shop here .

You will also notice some new pouches that have been added to my shop too, featuring some new fun prints inside.

So other than me being struck down with a cold right now, which I hear a lot of you are suffering with too, that’s about it so far of the Crafty Fox goings on. I’ll now leave you with this little sneak peak of something Christmassy that will be landing in my shop soon too…


Hello September.

Hello September and hello you lovely lot.

I have been missing recently due to taking some much needed time off. I have been working on that little thing called life balance as working full time in my day job and managing my Fantastic Crafty Fox biz on the side can be a bit of a juggle. But I am back and excited to start on some new ideas and get back in to full swing ready for Christmas, yes I said the C word, it’s September now so I think its OK to do so πŸ˜‰

I have been looking at new colours, prints and textures and will have some new products coming your way soon. Here is a sneak peek of some of the things that have been getting me inspired from the wonderful world of Pinterest…


Hope you like


Summer Arts Market

Last weekend was the Summer Arts Market at St.Georges Hall in Liverpool, hosted by Open Culture over two days. This is a wonderful event that I have attended so many times as a customer and feel so lucky that in my first year of launching Fantastic Crafty Fox I was picked to be part of.


I was located in the Grand Hall and grand it most certainly was. Filled with up to 100 stalls of so many talented artists, ranging from ceramics, photography, clay work and knit and even more, you really could get lost within it.

Colorful bunting hung from the walls, while music sung out creating such a happy atmosphere steering you away from the rain that fell outside.

Being part of this event was such an honor, and most definitely one I have ticked off on my ‘to do list’ in life. I met and chatted to so many lovely stall holders,  who you all really should take a look at. Here is just a handful of some I met.

Mighty Pop!

I met the lovely Sarah from Manchester whos shop was so bright and fun! I got this rainbow pin from her that had 20% of it being donated to the victims of the Orlando shootings. Ace shop, go check her out here.

Ruby Tynan

I love Ruby’s work and been a fan for a while, all her work is handmade and made from sterling silver jewellery. I bought from her this gorgeous dainty silver heart ring, see her website for more treasures here.

Made by Nell

Nameart for the young and young at heart, hand drawn, hand painted and Made in Britain. This girl is awesome and so lovely to have met, click here to see more.

So that’s it for my markets this summer for the time being, as much as I have loved to be part of them and met some of the most amazing people who have inspired me, I am looking forward to filling my Etsy store with more products and get to work on my list of ideas I have been excited to do!






Make Me.

Being the crafty fox I am, there are so many things I love to make. I love to give anything a try and currently have a list as long as my arm of all the things I would like to make. I have a notebook that is full of ideas and sketches of things I want to try, however I am very thankful for Pinterest too for being another place to store so many of them! – oh and organizing them! Sounds sad but you know you love to shift them around and change the board covers as much as I do πŸ˜‰

So I wanted to share just a few of my favoruite ones I have found so far…


Watermelon cup,Β DIY donut collar,Β DIY Sprinkle pumps,Β DIY Stool,Β Paper Gems,Β Pom Pom Watermelon,Β Pallet Coaster

Will be giving a few of these a try over the next few weeks so will let you know how I do!

Want to see some more? Check out my Pinterest Create Me board for more inspiring crafty ideas.


What’s New?

Evening all,

I hope your Monday was kind to you, so today’s post is What’s New? Well, I am currently spending any moment I can on my sewing machine or on my pom pom makers getting ready for St Georges Hall Summer Arts Markets. This is an annual event that features over 100 artists and designers from all around and little me is going to be there… *gulps* It will also feature a fantastic Vintage Market I so recommend, Kids craft lab, music and a cafe. Oh and also being held in the most beautiful building, if you have not been before even just that alone is a good excuse to go!


My Etsy shop is currently looking slightly bare at the moment and this is mainly because a lot of my work is being saved back for the Summer Arts Market. However, some pieces that are not featured on there but will be very soon.

So what can you expect from Fantastic Crafty Fox as the journey continues? Well I have been sourcing some amazing fabric, I don’t think I could of jumped on my sewing machine quick enough when I got home with this lot…


You may have noticed up on my InstagramΒ last week that my new label tags arrived from Woven Labels UK, I was so happy with them! Funny how small things can really make you proud, finishes it off quite nicely I think…

I have been looking at new colours, prints and playing around with more ideas. Pinterest being my favourite place to gather all my ideas together. Here is a selection below that I have been getting inspiration from…

I am looking to bring in more products to create a wider range to shop on my Etsy page. I have been getting some great feedback from people and even some custom order requests. I am always happy to take these, so feel free to email me or DM me on my social media if you have anything in mind. Here is a pom pom garland I made for a baby shower recently.


Speaking of Poms, today I put up some of my popular pom pom pencils in more colours – these currently have free delivery on them! You can check them out here.


Supporting Handmade.


Hope your week is treating you well. I thought I’d dedicate today’s blog post all about some of my favourite handmade pieces that I have and talk a little about the maker behind them. As a maker myself not only do I want to talk about my own work and the work that is put behind it, but feel I should shout about others too who work so hard to produce some amazing work striving each day to do what they love! Each title has a link to their page, so go check them out.

Hope the Black Dog

I came across Hope the Black dog fairly recently, it is all about promoting positive mental health and wellbeing. Every item contributes Β£1 to the mental health charity mind, as well as serving to visually remind ourselves and others that even though it is not easy – we are fighting. I myself suffer from anxiety attacks, so when I came across Amy’s work I was instantly in love. Not only is she super talented but her work promotes such a worthy cause that needs to be spoken more about. So as I was browsing through her shop I came across this really sweet necklace, if I am honest there was so many to choose from I really could have bought them all! However, I refrained and was drawn the most to this sweet flower one, as the colours and print are very me. The reason why I bought from her store, was not only because I liked the item, but because it is something I can wear to remind me to keep calm – may sound silly but it’s working so far πŸ˜‰

Ip Dip design

“Quirky designs to make people happy”

I found Ip Dip Design when I was starting out at the beginning of this year, her bright bold prints are enough to catch anyone’s eye and so it did mine. Her shop is full of fun prints and quotes that are inspiring. When browsing her shop I decided to go for the sticker pack and quote postcard set. I have used the stickers to decorate my new planner and stook some on my pin board of inspiration. The postcards I am yet to decide what to do with, but for now they are currently being shown off in my sewing room keeping me motivated.

Emily Coxhead

Emily Coxheads work is what everyone needs in their life. Not only is her work fun and bright, she is all about bringing out the happy in everyone! Also I love her work for having a funny sense of humour too such as this tea card I was lucky enough to win in her Instagram giveaway. Her work is positive and fun and I encourage everyone to take a look and get happy.

JillyJilly mug

I love Jilly’s work, the colours she uses are not only dreamy but super pretty. I purchased one of her mugs from The Treasured website, a website that is an online store full of loveliness from British designers and makers. I know I am a sucker for mugs but this is one I have needed in my life for a while – Good Things Come To those Who Make. I love it, fun and just what I need to keep me calm for when I am having a fight with the sewing machine!img_4658

Jenny Dunlop

Jenny Dunlop is a local artist from West Kirby, Wirral – my home town! She creates the most beautiful artwork and has them printed on to cards and prints. I was very lucky to be given one of Jenny Dunlops prints as a present recently, I have had my eye on this print of the Liberty shop for a while now but someone beat me to it, but what a lovely present to receive. Her work is so bright and colourful and her animal prints she creates are so fun and have so much character to them.


Artisans in the Palm House


Hello & Happy Friday!

So last Monday saw my very first craft fair as Fantastic Crafty Fox. Minus the morning nerves and the checking and re-checking that I had packed everything I needed, the day could not have been more perfect. The sun was shining and the crowds were out.


Located at Sefton Park Palm House in Liverpool and was part of the Artisan Network which I am so proud to now be part of, this was such a beautiful place to host a wonderful event. My stall was situated near the front with these paper made pom poms hanging above!

Packed out with local makers all part of the Artisan Network, from jewelry makers to ceramic makers and print makers there was so much to see from so many talented people.

Situated around the outside of the Palm House served an array of different types of food and drinks! My favourite being the stone baked pizza from Little Furnace Pizza, I luckily managed to sneak a few slices in between being on my stall.


Above image from Artisan Network

Being part of this event was was truly lovely, meeting so many talented and inspiring people who are definitely worth a look at –

Little Miss P

Ruby Tynan

Jenny Dunlop

Baltic Moon

Made by Nell

And that is only to name but a few!

So my first fair was a success, I sold quite a few pieces and the winner on the day had to be these pom pom pencils which were a sell out! The children absolutely loved them. It was so nice to see their faces light up when they were choosing from all the pretty pastel colours – and the grown ups too!



As the day wound down, I got to have a little bit of a shop myself before it was time to pack away. I may have treated myself to these…

Baltic Moon printed notebooks, I do love a flamingo so I could not resit!

Chantel Martin- I am a sucker for a candle and this stall sold the most wonderful handmade candles, I picked up a watermelon scented one which is just gorgeous!

Of course I couldn’t of got through the day without the lovely support from all my friends and family who came to visit, and of course my amazing helper on the day and the photographer of these fantastic pics, my chap πŸ™‚

So next stop will be Summer Arts Fair at St Georges Hall in Liverpool. This will be a two day event so I will be there the Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th June, this will feature these amazing makers and more! Better get making some more…


Above image by Open Culture