Crafty October


Not been too brilliant on keeping my blog up to date of late but I have been working on a few exciting projects that are coming up that I will be sharing with you soon!

So its October? When did that happen? Well its Autumn and by far my favourite season! The leaves turn to the most beautiful colours, the nights draw in and the wooly socks and jumpers are out! Not sure whether its because I’m a November birthday (November the 5th I get fireworks every year which I love!) But there is something about getting warm and cosy. Of course it means we all start to think of that word… Christmas, which I’m sure makes us all excited really!

Yes that’s me, drinking tea and kicking leaves 👌🏻☕️🍁🍂

So I thought i’d offer up a round up of what Fantastic Crafty Fox has been up to. Some of you may have noticed over on my Instagram that I have taken part in the #craftyoct photo challenge created by the awesome Amy Panda. I came across this by seeing it on the Merseyside Etsy Teams – whom i’m a proud member of, Instagram page. They have rallied us up to take part and encourage even more crafty makers to join in too!

It’s fun to take part and I have loved browsing the hash tag to see everyone’s take on the challenge! I have also come across some lovely makers too which is always great! So here’s some so far by me…

1. Deskie  2. Circle  3. New  4. Inspiration

Make sure you check it out and click the hash-tag to find some awesome makers!

As its October and Halloween is creeping up on us (excuse the pun) I have decided to make some fun wooly garlands! They are now available on my Etsy shop here .

You will also notice some new pouches that have been added to my shop too, featuring some new fun prints inside.

So other than me being struck down with a cold right now, which I hear a lot of you are suffering with too, that’s about it so far of the Crafty Fox goings on. I’ll now leave you with this little sneak peak of something Christmassy that will be landing in my shop soon too…



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