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It is National Stationery Week and I could not resit to write a post about this one! I can often be found lost in the TK Maxx stationery isles or trapped in the pretty world that is Paperchase. I don’t know if you will agree, but I really do feel stationery has stepped up it’s game recently, so many pretty pieces are out there and amazing shops opening I cannot keep up. Oh and can we take a second to thank WASHI TAPE! Who would of thought a tape could be oh so useful and pretty at the same time! So I thought I’d write a post about some of my favourite bits of stationery I have.

Sausage dog – Topshop

Sausage dog sellotape, yes, it’s a sausage dog and a cute one at that. It comes with its very own bowl and pink dog bone shaped paper clips that stick to his nose.

Kikki K Thankful

I was so lucky a few months back to win this gorgeous stationery set from the lovely claireabellemakes Instagram giveaway. ย It came with the Thankful journal, pen, mini card and stickers and a cute box and bag. I love Kikki K store, I visited their pop up store in London over Christmas and it was just beautiful.


Motivation Pencils

Speaking of claireabellemakes, a fellow stationery addict!ย I posted last week about these pencils I got from her shop here. The perfect pencil to get your day to a motivational start.


Clip It – Kate Spade

Kate Spade Stationery, *sighs* has there ever been anything made so beautiful than Kate Spade stationery?! (I have probably said this about everything) These bulldog clips where a gem of a find in TK Maxx, each with their own little clip wordings!


Washi Tape – Ikea

My first washi tape, found in Ikea of all places, who knew Ikea had bits like this. In lovely pastel colours they are really brightening up my planner this year.

Pompom Pencil

Created by me, I wanted to get some stationery in my shop and thought this was a brilliant idea! Coming soon to my Etsy store.


Quote notepad – TK Maxx

Well everyone needs a good notepad, and with one of my favourite inspirational quotes beaming across the front of it.



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