Fantastic Crafty Fox


Hope your weekend was lovely and Monday has treated you well. This weekend had been a busy one for me, I pretty much locked myself in the sewing room all weekend drumming out more ideas and sewing them together. I started Fantastic Crafty in January this year and have been building it up all across my social media, so far on my journey I have met some amazing, encouraging and special makers with awesome support. I have been getting a lot of you asking me when my online Etsy shop will open, well by the end of this post you shall get your answer.

I have been delaying opening for many reasons really. I am a perfectionist and want to make sure that what I make and sell is right and my best, of course I need to make as much stock as I can too πŸ˜‰ but among all of this I have an excited/nervous feeling in my stomach, which I am sure anyone who is creative gets when they put out their work to an audience, sort of stage fright I guess. But I am excited for the next step and what may come after it.

Love this quote, featured in Mollie Makes magazine by JunkandGlitter

So I thought I would share with you a few things that you can expect from Fantastic Crafty fox, and what’s behind the brand. As in my previous post here I have spoken about inspiration and where I get it from. I like to use bright colours and prints and produce a happy product. I like to offer people products that are well made, so much so I have made and remade some styles a dozen times to make sure it is perfect.

My collection will include tote bags, clutch bags, make-up bags, pencil cases and gifts such as key rings, pom pom stationery and pom pom garlands (gotta love a pom pom!)  what I have tried to produce is something that is versatile. Ok, so I may say clutch bag – but that can be used as make-up bag or pencil-case or whatever you wish to use it as. Whatever you like about the product use it for how you wish.

My products are made from cotton, leather, leatherette and suede. And of course wool for the poms πŸ˜‰ I have many ideas and other types of bags that I will introduce along the way and many other gift ideas. I am always happy to try news things, my sister does love to test me, I found myself making a tortoise outfit for world book day for her one evening and then a bed for her puppy Trudy the week after?! I love a good challenge though.

I have had the most incredible support so far and can’t thank you all enough. I also have some exciting projects coming up soon which I am excited to share with you all, so keep your eyes peeled for them…

Oh yes, I said I that I would tell you when to expect my online Etsy shop opening, I love a good cliffhanger. Well as Justin Timberlake once sang…




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