Todays blog post is all about inspiration.

Inspiration is everywhere and I love that you can find it in anything and everything. From interiors to food, shops to scenery to clothes and magazines. Fantastic Crafty Fox is all about colour and being fun. I want to create products that make people happy and often add an element of surprise, whether that be a sneaky pocket or a different pattern interior. I like to keep my sketchbook at hand to draw up any ideas I see or colours and textures I have found.

One of my favourite places to get inspiration has to be Pinterest, when I was introduced to it a few years back I was simply in my element, a place to store all your ideas and even organise them too! (Sad I know but I’m sure you will agree, you know who you are) It is a great platform where you can follow your favourite boards and pinners, searching for absolutely anything and sharing ideas.

Of course I still like to use visual inspiration on my pin board in my sewing room too. Collecting all sorts from magazine cut outs, cards, labels or photos. All random bits I have collected along the way.

Another inspirational love of mine has to be pastel colours, floral patterns and flowers – if you follow me on my Instagram and Pinterest I’m sure you will know this about me by now. There is just something in them I really like. Spring is one of my favourite times of the year, when the blossom is blooming and the daffodils are coming out.
 Image taken from @Suzieleeknitwear Instagram

Instagram is a great source of inspiration too, I have been noticing an awful lot of handmade paper and felt flowers around recently which are absolutely gorgeous, most definitely one on my list to have a go at making. Take a look at this gorgeous image taken from Paperchase. The colours and textures alone offer up some great inspiration.

So where do you find your inspiration?



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