March Meet The Maker

Since starting in January it has been a really fun start for me and I have really enjoyed getting back on my sewing machine and making again. Launching my own brand has given me passion back into what I love again and spurs me on to really make this be something great  (even though there will be hard day’s along the way).

March has seen the lovely Joanne Hawker launch #Marchmeetthemaker over on Instagram, it has been a mega success and such a brilliant idea for creatives and small businesses to connect with one another and get their brand and creative skills known. So far I have come across some amazing talented people who have such lovely feeds.

So for those of you who may not know March Meet The Maker is a daily task that sets out something that you have to post everyday on social media, from your logo to first sale to your favourite playlist and work outfit. It’s been fun so far and especially for me who is just starting out, it has given me a real confidence in posting my work as I like some don’t really like to shout about what they do, I will admit the very first time someone asked if they could buy something from me I simply replied “are you sure?” yep, so I wasn’t the most confident person. So I owe a big thank you for that as the response has been lovely.

This March Meet the Maker challenge has gained me more followers and likes and the comments have been so nice and thoughtful across all my social media. However, I do feel that with this challenge it gives much more to us creatives, it gives us the chance to show what we can make, it can help us strive to work hard towards our goals, and with that it can help inspire a lot of people along the way. So I leave you with a thank you and my most favourite motivational quote… 



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