Welcome to Fantastic Crafty Fox. I am a tea drinking crafter maker, who loves to make anything and everything. Fantastic Crafty Fox launched in January 2016, a brand I have created to share with you all my handmade gifts, crafts and inspiration, My collection mainly includes handbags, clutch bags, make-up bags and the odd pom pom gift.

I have always been creative ever since I can remember. In school all I ever cared about was Art, trying everything from drawing, painting and of course sewing. It was about 10 years ago that I really got into the textile side of things, my Mum and Dad bought me a sewing machine and then that was it, I was away in my room trying to make anything I could, taking things apart to re-make them again, figuring out how they put it all together. It was then I decided to take part in a pattern making class over in Liverpool, it was brilliant, teaching me everything I needed to know. On the course we made dresses, skirts, shirts and t-shirts you name it we made it. It was only during this time I started to look at bags, seeing how they were made really interested me so I started to make my own, and then I suppose it just became my ‘thing’ my main skill which I still to this day love to do.

Fantastic Crafty Fox is a colourful brand, I like to create products that are both colorful and happy and reach to all ages and personalities. The name of my brand came from my first car funnily enough, a Volkwagen Fox. From then everyone seemed to give me anything to do with foxes which I always thought was odd, but in time I ended up loving these beautiful animals. So when I decided to create my brand, I thought this would be the perfect name.

  • Fantastic Crafty Fox

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